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Salmon Tartare from Beyond Sushi in NYC

Fresh, healthy, and beloved around the world: salmon tartare has developed quite a reputation among seafood enthusiasts! Unfortunately, all that delicious flavor tends to come hand-in-hand with enough animal cruelty and often, unfair, farming practices to outweigh all the benefits. Thankfully, Beyond Sushi is ready with a delicious, compassionately prepared compromise. Enjoy the very best […]

Is Sushi Kosher Food?

Sushi can be made to be kosher, but it depends on how it’s prepared and the ingredients used. If you’re looking for kosher sushi, it’s best to inquire with the sushi restaurant about their specific practices and certifications to ensure they meet your dietary requirements. 

Vegan Spring Rolls Recipe from Beyond Sushi in NYC

No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, one truth stands evident: everyone can appreciate a good spring roll! Whether you prefer them fresh or crispy and fried, the contrast between the crisp veggies and salty, savory filling is impossible to forget. Now, with help from this vegan spring rolls recipe from Beyond […]

Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad from Beyond Sushi in NYC

Spicy Asian cucumber salad recipe, when creating a memorable, mouthwatering meal, few options are more fail-proof than a dish with a spicy kick. Adding a little heat creates an experience guaranteed to liven up your taste buds and your day, creating a satisfying snack. For your next office snack or lunchtime side, try out this […]

Best Kosher Sushi in NYC

One of life’s greatest joys comes from enjoying the best of the world’s culinary diversity, especially when you are lucky enough to live in a city like New York. The ability to step outside of one’s home and find yourself only a short walk away from whatever flavors you crave is unmatched! Luckily, Beyond Sushi […]

Peanut Noodle Salad at Beyond Sushi in NYC

Noodles can come in a variety of different ways, making them a versatile and interesting meal every time. With mouth-watering recipes like this Asian peanut noodle salad recipe at Beyond Sushi in NYC, you’ll never settle for less again. 

Healthy Vegan Sushi Bowl Recipe from Beyond Sushi in NYC

Even those who self-identify as “picky eaters” have to admit: there’s just something about sushi that’s hard to resist. The contrast of textures and flavors, wrapped securely in rice, means that every bite presents something new. Now, with this healthy vegan sushi bowl recipe from Beyond Sushi in NYC, you can enjoy all that same […]

Sweet Chili Cauliflower Wings from Beyond Sushi in NYC

You’ve likely heard the buzz surrounding one of the hottest new vegan substitutes: cauliflower wings. Crunchy, filling, and yet still somehow light, these wings fit perfectly into any cruelty-free diet, carrying all the fun of traditional wing options without any compromise. Now, with sweet chili cauliflower wings from Beyond Sushi in NYC, enjoy an even […]

Vegan Tartare at Beyond Sushi in NYC

For many, the most challenging part of adapting to a cruelty-free diet is saying goodbye to those flavors that seem more difficult to replicate. While there are dozens of accessible poultry alternatives, finding a convincing seafood substitute is much harder. Luckily, City Roots Hospitality is here to bridge that gap with fantastic options like this […]

Vegan Satay Recipe and Sauce from Beyond Sushi in NYC

To an untrained eye, cooking many Asian classics might initially seem daunting. With  rich flavors and unique ingredients, this cuisine often appears far more complicated than it actually is, making it the ideal food to impress guests at your next dinner party! Of all the simple places to start, few recipes are much easier than […]