Mushroom Chili: Vegan Recipe

Mushroom Chili: Vegan Recipe At first glance, mushrooms and meat may not appear to have a single thing in common. Where meat is heavy, mushrooms are light; where meat is solid and greasy, mushrooms are porous and fresh. However, with a little know-how, mushrooms easily transform into the perfect meat replacement. No vegan recipe showcases […]

Vegan Dumpling Recipe

Vegan Dumpling Recipe It’s difficult to talk about Asian cuisine without thinking of one of its most beloved, versatile dishes: dumplings. All across the Asian continent– from India to Japan– every culture has a version of this delicious classic. Though often stuffed with meat, just a few simple switches can easily result in a completely […]

The 5 Best Vegan Books of 2024

Living vegan is more than just a dietary choice; it’s a lifestyle. For most vegans, living a cruelty-free life does not begin and end in the kitchen. They carry that decision with them, making a conscious effort to live mindfully in all areas of life. Whether you’re hoping for some new recipes, inspiration, or a method to more deeply connect to your lifestyle, look no further than any of these five best vegan books of 2022.

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Miso Vegan Soup Recipe

Miso Vegan Soup Recipe If you’ve ever stepped foot in a sushi restaurant, you’re likely already familiar with the typical miso soup: that small, light cup of brothy soup often served to set the tone for the meal to come. Warm, comforting, and ever-so-slightly salty, this simple treat is the ideal way to embark on […]