7 Easy Vegan Dinner Ideas for Every Day of the Week

Coming up with vegan dinner ideas that are both healthy and easy without sacrificing flavor and quality can be difficult. Whether you’re short on time or looking to indulge, sometimes visiting your favorite vegan restaurant is the best way to enjoy a meal.
At Beyond Sushi, we strive to offer a variety of globally-inspired vegan dishes that provide both exquisite flavor and a healthy balance of all the nutrients you need.

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7 Vegan Athletes Who Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet

One of the most common misconceptions about a vegan diet is that it lacks protein. As a result, it’s easy to think that vegans can’t be athletes—and vice versa. Many major sports events around the world, however, do feature vegan athletes. Here are some of the world’s top vegan athletes who prove that you can thrive on a plant-based diet! Read more

7 Supplements to Consider on a Vegan Diet

In a world where not nearly enough people eat the right amount of veggies every day, it can be easy to think that a vegan diet is the key to healthy nutrition. However, even as a vegan, there are certain vitamins and minerals you either may not be able to gain through your diet or you won’t be able to gain enough to meet daily requirements. Here are seven supplements to consider on a vegan diet to help ensure you’re getting the proper nutrition every day.  Read more

What is a Raw Vegan Diet?

Rich in fruits and vegetables, a raw vegan diet has grown in popularity in recent years. In this post, we’ll highlight the do’s and don’ts of a raw vegan diet, so you can decide if it’s right for you. Read more

5 Creative Vegan Party Snack Ideas

When you’re hosting a party, whether it’s for a birthday or a sports event, you want to make sure that everyone has food to enjoy. At a glance, it can seem like your options for vegan party snacks can be limited. But when it comes to parties, there are many more possibilities for vegan snacks than a veggie platter. So, put aside the cauliflower bites—although we love those too—and prepare to impress your entire party with these five creative vegan party snack ideas that everyone will want the recipe for. Read more