Jackfruit Sushi Recipe

If you’ve spent any time investigating the ways of a cruelty-free lifestyle, you’re likely familiar with jackfruit. This simple, exotic fruit has taken the vegan world by storm, and for good reason! Because the texture alters so much upon cooking, it can easily take the place of any meat, from fish to pulled pork. Before your next sushi night, stop by your local grocery store and pick up all the ingredients for this delicious, nutritious jackfruit sushi recipe!

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Rainbow Vegan Sushi Roll

There’s no getting around it; we eat with our eyes, and pretty food just tastes better. Possibly no other sushi better encapsulates that idea than the gorgeous, ever-tasty rainbow roll. Named for the colorful display of fish and avocado that adorns it, this classic roll has risen through the ranks to become a crowd favorite. With help from this rainbow roll recipe from the brilliant minds at Beyond Sushi, diners from any culinary preference can enjoy this classic without sacrificing their ideals!

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Vegan Ginger Cheesecake Recipe

At your next dinner party, event, or just “treat-yourself” evening in, test out this vegan ginger cheesecake recipe to sample dessert as you’ve never experienced it before! You’ll find a new punch of flavor that you won’t soon forget.

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Vegan Avocado Almond Cookies Recipe

It’s no secret that avocados are having a real moment. This food fad’s popularity is well-earned! Rich in vitamins, deliciously creamy, and filled with heart-healthy nutrients, avocados are a fantastic addition to any well-balanced diet. What’s more, their mild flavor helps them easily fit into nearly any meal, from breakfast to dinner. At your next dinner party, “wow” guests with these delicious and easy vegan avocado and almond cookies recipe!

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Nori Taco Recipe

In the same way that sushi somehow always feels sophisticated, there is something inherently comforting in a taco night. It is what first brought major popularity to the idea of the taco truck. Now, backed by the brilliant minds of the Beyond Sushi kitchens, enjoy the best of both worlds with this completely vegan nori taco recipe!

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Best Vegan Maki Rolls

Sushi is a delicious, sophisticated way to celebrate a night out with loved ones – and the traditional maki roll is a staple to add to your menu, as are vegan maki rolls. For this dish, rice and fillings are rolled inside of seaweed, creating a clean, smart look on any plate.

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Vegan Sushi Recipes

There’s no better way to impress your friends and family than with a gorgeous display of homemade sushi. Stuffed with brightly colored vegetables and easy to make in a rush, these deceptively simply vegan sushi recipes are guaranteed to leave dinner guests begging for more!

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Best Creative Vegan Salads

Best Creative Vegan Salads It can get old explaining for the hundredth time that, no, a vegan lifestyle doesn’t just mean eating plain bowls of lettuce. Even more annoying is the inability to just come out and say what we all know to be true: when done right, a salad can be an amazing meal! […]

Mushroom Chili: Vegan Recipe

Mushroom Chili: Vegan Recipe At first glance, mushrooms and meat may not appear to have a single thing in common. Where meat is heavy, mushrooms are light; where meat is solid and greasy, mushrooms are porous and fresh. However, with a little know-how, mushrooms easily transform into the perfect meat replacement. No vegan recipe showcases […]

Vegan Dumpling Recipe

Vegan Dumpling Recipe It’s difficult to talk about Asian cuisine without thinking of one of its most beloved, versatile dishes: dumplings. All across the Asian continent– from India to Japan– every culture has a version of this delicious classic. Though often stuffed with meat, just a few simple switches can easily result in a completely […]