The 5 Best Vegan Books of 2022

Living vegan is more than just a dietary choice; it’s a lifestyle. For most vegans, living a cruelty-free life does not begin and end in the kitchen. They carry that decision with them, making a conscious effort to live mindfully in all areas of life. Whether you’re hoping for some new recipes, inspiration, or a method to more deeply connect to your lifestyle, look no further than any of these five best vegan books of 2022.

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Miso Vegan Soup Recipe

Miso Vegan Soup Recipe If you’ve ever stepped foot in a sushi restaurant, you’re likely already familiar with the typical miso soup: that small, light cup of brothy soup often served to set the tone for the meal to come. Warm, comforting, and ever-so-slightly salty, this simple treat is the ideal way to embark on […]

Best Vegan Wine Tasting Snacks

Nothing quite compares to the relaxed elegance of a wine tasting. We all know that charcuterie and cheeses are a staple wine tasting snack, but for vegans, it’s slightly more challenging finding the right accompaniments. Whether you choose to make these dishes at home or turn to the experts at Beyond Sushi, your guests will adore discovering the ways in which each of these scrumptious vegan wine tasting snacks plays off the notes and aromas of their favorite wine pairings.

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How to Shop Vegan as an Athlete

The experts at Beyond Sushi are dedicated to healthy lifestyles of all kinds. Above all, they want to help diners all across New York embrace the feel-good nutrition available in a diet that is as positive for the planet as it is for your life! If you’re an athlete who is looking to go vegan, check out this vegan athlete shopping list, our complete guide. 

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Jackfruit 101: The Ultimate Guide for Vegans

If you’ve spent any time in the cruelty-free community, you’ve likely heard the buzz about jackfruit. Though a staple in vegan dining, this delicious, nutritious fruit remains relatively obscure in American culture at large, leaving even veteran vegans with questions surrounding this interesting fruit.

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Is Bee Pollen Vegan? Alternatives for your Health

Even in the concrete jungle of New York City, signs of Spring are everywhere. It’s in the bird’s song, the slow warming of the temperature, and, most importantly, the symphony of buzzing bees! The world’s hardest workers, bees, make up the backbone of our ecosystem. They are more than just that; they are vital to human survival! Let’s talk about a commonly asked question: is bee pollen vegan? If not, what are some other alternatives for your health?

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Is Food Coloring Vegan? The Shocking Truth

The most difficult part of a vegan lifestyle isn’t truly in the dining; it’s in the hidden abuses that lay in even the most common foods, clothes, or cooking products. Even meals that may otherwise appear plant-based often rely on ingredients that profit from animal products! One of the most common perpetrators? Food coloring.

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The Best Vegan Honey Substitutes

Bees are fascinating creatures; more than that, they are vital to the health of our planet. As these amazing pollinators travel, they contribute to the growth of nearly every flowering plant on Earth. Without their help, ecosystems all over the world would struggle, affecting every creature from the smallest bugs to the largest predators! Support these important insects by switching from your usual cup of morning tea to one with any of these vegan honey substitutes.

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What Exactly is Cultured Dextrose? And is it Vegan?

For many vegans, living plant-based and cruelty-free isn’t just a dietary preference; it’s a lifestyle. A fully vegan lifestyle isn’t always as simple as avoiding meat-based products, though. It extends to every aspect of life, often requiring intricate details of where exactly our food comes from and how it’s derived. For example: what exactly is cultured dextrose, and is it vegan?

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A Very Vegan Easter: Vegan Alternative to Easter Eggs

Vegan Alternative to Easter Eggs As the days lengthen and the winter warms to spring, New Yorkers all over the city prepare for their favorite mid-year holiday: Easter. And with these easy alternatives to Easter eggs, you can enjoy a very vegan Easter, even alongside your non-vegan friends and family!