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Jackfruit 101: The Ultimate Guide for Vegans

If you’ve spent any time in the cruelty-free community, you’ve likely heard the buzz about jackfruit. Though a staple in vegan dining, this delicious, nutritious fruit remains relatively obscure in American culture at large, leaving even veteran vegans with questions surrounding this interesting fruit.

Is Bee Pollen Vegan? Alternatives for your Health

Even in the concrete jungle of New York City, signs of Spring are everywhere. It’s in the bird’s song, the slow warming of the temperature, and, most importantly, the symphony of buzzing bees! The world’s hardest workers, bees, make up the backbone of our ecosystem. They are more than just that; they are vital to […]

Is Food Coloring Vegan? The Shocking Truth

The most difficult part of a vegan lifestyle isn’t truly in the dining; it’s in the hidden abuses that lay in even the most common foods, clothes, or cooking products. Even meals that may otherwise appear plant-based often rely on ingredients that profit from animal products! One of the most common perpetrators? Food coloring.

The Best Vegan Honey Substitutes

Bees are fascinating creatures; more than that, they are vital to the health of our planet. As these amazing pollinators travel, they contribute to the growth of nearly every flowering plant on Earth. Without their help, ecosystems all over the world would struggle, affecting every creature from the smallest bugs to the largest predators! Support […]

What Exactly is Cultured Dextrose? And is it Vegan?

For many vegans, living plant-based and cruelty-free isn’t just a dietary preference; it’s a lifestyle. A fully vegan lifestyle isn’t always as simple as avoiding meat-based products, though. It extends to every aspect of life, often requiring intricate details of where exactly our food comes from and how it’s derived. For example: what exactly is […]

Gifts for Vegan Chefs

The ability to cook, prepare, and arrange a beautiful meal is a truly underappreciated art form. Doing so without any animal products is especially astounding. Whether the cook in your life is preparing food professionally or in your home kitchen, show them your appreciation with any of these gifts for vegan chefs (or you!)

5 Vegan Subscription Boxes to Expand Your Horizons

Snail mail may have a reputation as a thing of the past, but with today’s modern subscription boxes, checking your mailbox has never been so exciting! Regardless of whether you prefer to fill your mailbox with tasty snacks or well-curated self-care products, you’ll love these 5 vegan subscription boxes to expand your horizons!

4 Top Vegan Coffee Creamers

Whether it’s that first sip to hit your tongue in the morning or a soothing afternoon cup, there’s nothing with the power to reset your mood quite like coffee. Even if you enjoy a cruelty-free lifestyle, there’s no need to sacrifice the sweet, creamy bliss that creamer brings to your cup! You’ll be astonished by […]

Best Vegan Vegetable Stew Recipe

When cold weather drives the world indoors, nothing can be more comforting than a bowl of delicious, hearty stew. Practicing a cruelty-free lifestyle doesn’t have to mean sacrificing this simple joy! Follow this simple vegan vegetable stew recipe to enjoy your favorite comfort food, served in a new, fresh way.