Winter is HERE

Posted on January 23, 2019
Now, we may not be talking about the return of a highly anticipated medival fantasy, BUT you should be just as excited because our seasonal specials are epic.

Starting January 1st, we released a sushi roll, noodle soup and dumpling so glorious, that even the most intimadating White Walker would bend the knee. 

Our dumplings are stuffed with roasted sunchoke and broccolini on a bed of baby kale, topped with lemon panko, Korean chili oil, crushed chia & cumin salt and a charred scallion and beet sauce.

For sushi, we have baby kale, charred broccolini, and roasted beets, rolled in black rice, topped with a sunchoke & walnut purée, crushed chia & cumin salt, and a charred scallion and beet sauce.

You also won't need a dragon to keep you warm this winter! Our steaming noodle soup will defend your honor just fine. This concoction is filled with white miso, baby kale, roasted beets, charred broccolini, pickled burdock root and your choice of noodle. It is topped with Korean chili oil, crushed chia & cumin salt.

For you adventure seekers out there, grab your swords and warmest coats and head down to the nearest location . If defending your castle is more your style, download our Beyond Sushi app to order take out or delivery. These frosty inspirations are available at all stores until the end of March.

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