Vegan Wedding Menu Dos & Don’ts

Posted on October 29, 2020

It finally happened! Your significant other has popped the question and you’re in full-on wedding prep mode. You picked out the date, said yes to the dress and booked your wedding photographer. The only thing left is to figure out what to serve after you say “I do!” Here’s how to create the perfect vegan wedding menu that will make your guests fall in love at first bite.

City Roots by Beyond Sushi would be honored to cater your wedding in NYC and surrounding areas with artfully crafted vegan cuisine. Contact us to learn more.

Do: Create a Menu That Reflects You as a Couple

Your wedding reception is the most important dinner party of your life. While you definitely want to wow your guests with veggie-licious food, don’t forget that it’s your special day. Whether you choose a buffet, cocktail-style or formal dinner reception, your vegan wedding menu should be a reflection of both of you. 

At City Roots by Beyond Sushi, we are happy to work closely with you to create a refined and unique menu. A few examples of menu items are our signature sushi station, served on a gorgeous stainless steel display, passed hors d/oeuvre selection like sage sweet potato lollipops and impossible sliders, and desserts like green tea rosemary donuts.

There are so many more options available! View our full Catering menu here!

Pro tip: It’s rare for newlyweds to get a moment to themselves during the reception, let alone enough time to eat without being interrupted. Ask your caterer or wedding planner to prepare a to-go bag for after the wedding. This ensures you’ll get to enjoy the fruit (and veggies!) of your labor.

Do: Work with an Experienced Vegan Caterer or Vegan Chef 

Because veganism is more mainstream now than ever, it’s easier to find a caterer or a chef who say they can bring the vegan wedding menu of your dreams to life. It's important that whoever you choose has experience preparing elevated and flavorful vegan food for large parties. Often fully vegan caterers give you the best selection and quality because it's their entire focus.

When you meet with them, come prepared with questions. Ask them how long they’ve been cooking vegan food, if they’ve catered a vegan wedding before and which cuisine is their specialty. You’ll also want to make sure they can accommodate your guests’ allergies and dietary restrictions.

City Roots by Beyond Sushi can help you create the perfect menu for your wedding. We offer upscale catering with full-service options. View Sample Menu.

Don’t: Emphasize Your Menu as Vegan

If guests know you’re a vegan couple or one of you is vegan, they probably expect plant-based food at the wedding reception. But for those who haven’t experienced a vegan wedding, you may be better off leaving the v-word off your invitation. It’s okay to highlight that your menu is vegan, but try not to push it in people’s faces, which might alienate some guests. That said, most guests may not care that your menu is vegan—and many may be pleasantly surprised! 

Do: Get Non-Vegan Approval

Not everyone screams “Kale yeah!” when they hear vegan food. When planning a vegan wedding menu, it’s important to make sure your guests will actually enjoy the food. The best way to find out if your food will pass the non-vegan taste test is to ask. 

Ask the catering company what their policy is about bringing guests to your menu tasting. They usually allow an extra guest for free, or they may charge a small fee. Either way, it’s worth getting a non-vegan friend or family member’s seal of approval so you can remain calm as a cucumber on your big day.

Do: Keep Your Guests’ Dietary Restrictions in Mind

While a vegan menu is a slam dunk for guests with dairy and shellfish allergies, you still need to ask all of your guests if they have any dietary restrictions. Nothing kills the vibe of a wedding quicker than an EpiPen. When you send out your RSVPs, leave a space for them to let you know about any allergies. You’d be surprised by what people are allergic to! Avocado, anyone?

Do: Keep it Seasonal

When it comes to menu planning, seasonality matters. Ask your caterer what fruits and vegetables will be in season when you have your wedding. This will not only help to keep costs down, but it ensures you’ll get the freshest ingredients.

Don’t: Skimp on the Portions

The last thing you want after working so hard to plan the perfect wedding menu is to not have enough food. While plant-based food is more nutritious and even nutrient-dense, you want to make sure your guests leave satisfied instead of hungry. That way they won’t run out of steam on the dance floor!

Do: Have Fun with Your Menu

You know how amazing vegan food can be, but your guests might not. Your wedding reception is your chance to show your guests that vegan food is more than tofurkey and sad salads. Try serving innovative dishes they might not have seen before, or veganize classic dishes they're expecting to see. Just overall, have fun and play to your tastes!

Do: Work with City Roots by Beyond Sushi

Hungry for more vegan wedding menu inspiration? Contact City Roots by Beyond Sushi in NYC today!

Our stations and passed hors d’oeuvres bring a completely customizable and sophisticated touch to the table. Let us help you create a beautiful and memorable culinary experience for your wedding!

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