Summer Specials

Posted on June 12, 2018
Summer is in full swing and we're happy to introduce our specials for the season! This season, we have:

Quinoa salad with baby watercress, avocado, blackened jackfruit, tri-color quinoa, mango, pickled red cabbage and mint. The salad comes with a lemon coconut mint sauce.

Dumplings with hickory smoked green jackfruit braised in our signature BBQ sauce with onion, carrots and celery topped with chopped Moroccan olives, lemon panko and mint. These babies come with a tomato guajillo & lemon coconut mint sauce.

Last but not least is our vibrant, colorful summer sushi! The roll has black rice, pickled red cabbag, mango, baby watercress and mint topped with hickory smoked green jackfruit braised in signature BBQ sauce and chopped Moroccan olives. We serve this roll with tomato guajillo and lemon coconut mint sauce. 

These three special items will be available until the end of September, so hurry up and grab them before they leave our menu ;)

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