10 Tips for a BEYOND Holiday Party

Posted on December 05, 2018
Here at Beyond HQ, as the leaves change and we say goodbye to one seasonal roll being replaced by the next, keeping your hearts and tummys full is our main priority. One of the many ways we do that, is by showing appreciation for those that make Beyond Sushi...well...BEYOND. So while we plan our annual holiday party, we wondered...how many other vegan Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Boxing day, etc. parties are out there that can also benefit from our extensive digging?!?!

With the information gathered from friends, the internet and pure experience, here are our top 10 tips for a BEYOND Holiday Party:

10. R A F F L E S
One of the easiest ways to spice things up. As the guests enter, hand them a raffle ticket. Throughout the night, raffle off some gifts which can be anything from tiny stocking stuffers like gift cards to smart-TVs and Apple Watches. The trick is to make the prizes get bigger throughout the night as more guests arrive and more hype evolves around the gifts. This will be sure to keep a mysterious yet exciting enviornment and fill up any lulls that may occur throughout the night.

9. Cookie decorating 
What better way to sweeten up your holiday party than with cookie decorating? Set up a table with plain cookies and tubes full of easy-to-squeeze icing. JUST DON'T forget the sprinkles! You can even make this into a contest offereing some prizes to the most alluring of all cookies depending on the size and format of your party.

8. Gift Wrapping Game
First, divide into teams. Second, select one individual to be the present to be wrapped. Third, tape those corners and tie those ribbons to perfection. Fourth, have the managers, volunteers or MC walk around and have the crowd vote for the gift that would make any living room shine and hand them a prize. (You can never give away too many prizes, exhibit A: Oprah)

7. 99 Bottles!
Read a story (can be anything from a holiday favorite to a popular song) and chose a word. Everytime one of those words are said...ITS TIME TO DRINK! This can also be a great ice breaker or party starter. Everyone is happier a couple of Bubblies in, am I right?

Same idea with a twist for a younger party or non drinking crowd
Hot Potato Present! Pass around a gift to the same story. Every time that chosen word is said, pass the present in a circle and the person with the gift on the last "SNOWMAN" (or whatever) wins the prize! 

6. Jingle Bells
Hand every person a yarn or ribbon made necklace with one bell on the end. Make a sign listing around 5-10 words that cannot be said throughout the evening (the more common the better). Each time a word from the list is spoken, call that person out and take their jingling bells!

Alright. Your halls are decked, the cookies are frosted, every candle is LIT...but now its time to make your party, A PARTTTTTAYYYYYY. You can do this one of 2 ways. A, spend money on a DJ or B, get your favorite office air guitar professional to create a holiday neutral or inclusive playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and let their first mini-Governor's Ball-set-dream come true!

4. White Elephant 
Have everyone bring a pre-wrapped gift with a min. of $10 and place them on a table. Throw numbers in a hat and have every participant pull out a number. #1 starts and gets to open a gift. #2 can chose to either take #1's gift, or select a new one of their own and so on and so forth. Keep the gift stealing to 2 to 3 times depending on the size of the party so it does not get too carried away. Lucky #1 also gets to go again at the end because well...they never got a chance to steal and everyone gets a chance to be a Grinch in this story.

3. Photobooth
What better way to commemorate (or blackmail) the unique and enjoyable moments you shared with your coworkers come Monday than with a Photobooth, Slow-mo booth, GIF booth, etc.?! Make your party the Instagramable moment that everyone will be talking about til next year's party.

2. *Give back*
We are all eager to check out of work and check into the festivities but, lets not forget those who are not able to enjoy as much as we can. Use this mass gathering as an opportunity to have everyone donate canned food, toys, and/or clothes, and take it to a local charity or shelter. As they say, theres no better gift than to give!

Rather than stressing out on executing the 9 tips listed above to absolute perfection (and still set up the (vegan) chocolate fountain), let the food be the least of your worries and leave it to the professionals.

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